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Well, Hello there!

We are Kootenay Made

Leanne Hawkins

Store Owner/Manager


Firstly, I am a Kootenay woman! I have been living in Trail since 2008, but I was born and raised in Fruitvale. I have lived all my life right here in the Kootenay's except for one year I lived in Guatemala back in 2004. Now, I am proudly raising my two daughters in the paradise that is the Kootenay's with zero plans of going anywhere!

I had always dreamed of owning my own store. Initially, I envisioned a coffee shop or a bookstore (two of my passions), and then one day it came to me - what if I open a store that sells local products from only in the Kootenay's? What if I can help support and connect these amazing artisans with the consumers who are passionate about buying local?

So, after years of owning my own online marketing business, I decided to jump all in and open my own brick & mortar store. And, Kootenay Made Co. was born.

Athena Hawkins

Sales Associate


Born in Vancouver, my parents, thankfully, moved to the Kootenay's in 2008. Trail became home and here I met my husband and we are raising our daughter to be a Kootenay girl!

Leanne is my sister-in-law, as I married her brother, so we are family, best friends, and now, co-workers!

My family loves this community, the Kootenay's, and we plan to stay in the wonderful place to raise our family.

Gwen MacDonald

Summer Student


I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but I grew up visiting the Kootenays every summer. In 2016, my family moved to Trail, and it's safe to say I prefer the Kootenay's over the city.  I plan to move back to the Kootenay's permanently after I finish my schooling!

I reached out to Leanne before Kootenay Made opened, and I began working here in October 2021. I was at Kootenay Made until July 2022, then I moved back to Edmonton for university. In May 2023 I came back as a summer student, and I plan to keep coming back until I finish my post-secondary education! 

I do the sidewalk chalkboard when I am here, and in May 2023, I began doing the social media for the store. Working at Kootenay Made Co. is an amazing way for me stay connecting to my Kootenay community, and I am forever grateful for my Kootenay Made family!

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