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  • Why Consignment?
    Almost all of the merchandise in the store is through consignment. ​ As a new store, this is important because selling on consignment allows both of us, supplier and retailer, to 'test the waters' on the success of a new product without running the risk of major financial loss. I can introduce an unproven item or try an established product in a new sales channel before investing heavily in it, which in the future I plan to purchase wholesale to better support local makers!
  • How do I get my products into the store?
    Do you make quality, unique, handcrafted products here in the Kootenay's? If you are interested in submitting your product to sell in the store, please fill out our vendor application form. ​ Thank you for your interest in Kootenay Made Co.!
  • Why didn't we take your product?
    Please understand that in order to accept an item into our store, we must be confident that we can sell it. We may agree that the items you brought are beautiful and well-made, but also choose not consign them. Every artisan store is different and therefore will accept different items to sell. You could bring the same variety of soaps, for example, to 5 different stores, and we will all select a completely different variety to accept and sell. ​ Lastly, we may have multiple of the same items and can’t bring in too many of the same thing. Sometimes it’s simply a gut instinct as to what we know our customers will most likely purchase.
  • What items will I find in the store?
    We carry a wide variety of items including: ​ - Health & Beauty - Home Decor - Pet Items - Jewellery - Soap & Candles - Art - Clothing - Kid Items - Hats & Scarves - Hair Accessories - Books - Purses & Backpacks - Furniture -Crafts ​ and much more!
  • Do you have an online store?
    No, at this time we don't offer the option to mail out items. We recommend you purchase directly from the vendor's website. You can find our vendors listed on The Makers page. Another option - we can take Credit Cards over the phone. So, if you have someone local who could pick your purchase, you can pay over the phone!
  • Do you have an Exchange/Refund policy?
    Yes! View our full Exchange/Refund policy HERE
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