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A bit about our history

I started Kootenay Made Co. in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic...because...why not?!

If I learned anything during the long, torturous social distancing & quarantining time, it was that our reality and current situation can change in an instant.

Since before the store was even opened, my goal was to bring the best selection of products and merchandise that the Kootenay's has to offer to you. I aimed for my store to become synonymous with quality throughout the entire East & West Kootenay's. 


The vision of Kootenay Made Co.

When I founded the shop in 2021, I had two goals in mind:


1. To be driven by dedication to offer a superior, personalized service while showcasing quality handcrafted products.  To smile with pride every time someone walks into my store excited about the great selection knowing they will walk out satisfied.

It means we’ve done our job right.

2. To showcase, support, and, quite frankly, show off the products that are skillfully made in the most beautiful area in the world. To provide a space for artisans, creators, artists, entrepreneurs, & makers to sell their items.

At Kootenay Made Co., I strive to ensure a variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items.

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